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Everyone was extremely helpful and polite.
Noreen Hamilton
Great workers. Clean place is a blessing to be here.
Great prices! Awesome customer service!!!!!!
A Lo
Very Good customwr service thank You !!
Danny Betances
I have an amazing first impression at this self storage. This storage has the best price and the place is clean. I love it
eliane Junges de oliveira
Just want to put outthere that I'm beyond happy with the services I received from Manny and Kim, Manny especially, he is really good at just being human and friendly and welcoming, your business should really appreciate those two employees, yes your prices and convenience is key but customer service goes a long way and they are really good at doing that and it seems to me that's who Mannyis genuinely I don't think It's business with him it's real! Anyways thank you storagepost for the great customer service workers
Marvin Downey
Fun characters great place easy to get through
Anthony Gambro
From start to finish this has been a dream experience, thanks to manager Manny. So incredibly and genuinely nice; helpful; knowledgeable; patient with questions; just an all-around great experience. This is a brand new facility so super clean; wide halls; covered loading; great rate structure; THREE elevators!! This place can't be beat. Thanks Manny!!
Alana B
I am finding this Storage Post building to be the greatest thing since the invention of Rocky Road Ice Cream!!!! I found this Yonkers storage unit on the web, and feel totally blessed and fortunate that I did so. The first thing you notice when you enter the building is how impeccably clean and spacious and organized is the entryway space. The second aspect you become aware of is how gracious and helpful and efficient and kind and knowledgeable is ANTHONY, the STORAGE MANAGER. He is totally the best in every way, and I know whereof I speak because I have spent most of my career in storage spaces with artwork. If ANTHONY lived in NYC, I would recommend that he works with Marshall Fine Arts, or US Art, because he has a wonderful manner with his clients and an excellent mind for spatial arrangements and for the knowledge of the business. The great feeling about this Yonkers Storage Post location lasts when you get upstairs to the individual units, and find them very clean and easily entered. The security systems and the intercom system are excellent as well -- and they work!!! As you can gather, I have found this Storage Post location to be fantastic, and feel extremely lucky to have searched the web, and found it. Please store your important objects here, and I think you will be very pleased. Also, I must mention ALEX, who works here as well, for he too is very, very helpful, knowledgeable and kind.
Amy Victoria McEwen
Great space and Kim and Manny were extremely helpful and accommodating. Highly recommend.
Cindy Steiger
This place is awesome the 2 gentlemen that was working the day I rented ( bold guy with glass and dude with long hair) was awesome not only did they help me with pricing but all my stuff fit great and I even got a bigger space for close to nothing
Carlos Rosario
Manny is excellent. Stellar customer service. Always pleasant and ready to assist!
Bella B